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Sourdough Pizza at Home

Make a great sourdough pizza at home in only 10 minutes!


We are open!

Sourdough Bread, Focaccia, and lot of Sicilian traditional food!


In Sicily food plays a big part in bonding the family together. Here, at Peppina’s you will find our interpretation on traditional Sicilian recipes in a unique Sicilian atmosphere.

We deliver to your doorstep!
Free delivery for orders over £30 (2 pizza boxes)

Service available to Dorchester and Weymouth

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Sourdough bread dorset

Opened by Angelo Fichera in 2021, Peppina serves up freshly made bread, focaccia and pizza daily.

As a child Angelo was taught how to cook authentic Sicilian dishes by his grandmother Peppina, who became the inspiration behind his bakery.

Now Angelo uses her techniques and recipes to create his signature food for hungry foodies in Weymouth and Dorchester. The recipes are simple but effective and all the ingredients are fresh and flavourful.

You are guaranteed to get a rustic taste of Italy at Peppina.

Angelo says that he wants people to feel like they are walking into his grandmother’s home when they come to Peppina – so come on in and make yourself comfortable!