Sourdough Bread

made as we make it in Sicily

How is our Sourdough bread made?


We make the bread with our own blend of flour for a lighter texture and intese taste.


Pure and simple Dorset tap water

Olive oil

It helps to make a better texture and the bread smells amazing!


You could make bread without but… really?
Just a sprinkle of
sea salt doesn’t hurt.

And the yeast? We don’t use yeast but only “lievito madre”, a natural yeast made with a mix of flour and water.

Frequent Asked Questions

The Sourdough starter is made mainly by lactic bacteria. Thanks to the lactic bacteria it is possible to make a product with low acidity (ph) that helps to avoid prevent mold growth. So your bread lasts longer and you don’t have to bin any or buy a fresh one every day. 
Sourdough makes more natural products and easier to digest. And, not less important, Sourdough has a more intense smell and taste compared to other breads.

Don’t be silly! 🙂 
Have you seen Angelo? he is thin like a “Spaghetti” but he eats bread and pasta everyday. 

Fermentation is an anaerobic biological process that converts sugars and starches into simpler substances. In baking, it causes yeast and bacteria to convert sugars into carbon dioxide, among other things. This is what causes the dough to rise.

A gluten-free label is absolutely no guarantee of health. In fact, the gluten-free alternative could actually be higher in sugar and packed with nasties. Gluten gives breads and other baked goods their shape and sponginess, so when manufacturers take it out they often swap it for additives like xanthan gum or corn starch to create a similar texture – and extra sugar or fat to create a better flavour. So beware of these over-processed gluten-free options, just as you would any other processed food. 

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sourdough bread

White Sourdough

Italian sourdough bread made with our own blend of flour.