A bite of Sicily

The story of Peppina has its roots in Sicily where Angelo was born.
He was eager to find in Dorset not only good quality food but something full of taste and different from the usual stuff. Food with the smell and taste of Sicily but he couldn’t find anything that was even similar to it.

In March 2021, he opened ‘Peppina’, probably the smallest micro-bakery in UK in only 13 sq metres, including the kitchen and the shop.

With Peppina, Angelo brings the authentic Sicilian flavours to Dorset. Not only bread, made in a true Italian style, but a wide offer of cakes, cannoli, arancini, rosticceria, stuffed focaccia, pasta, deli.


view from the Sicilian farm
the wood-fired oven used from the family at the farm


Peppina was Angelo’s grandma, who taught him to make fresh pasta and bread, all by hand. Angelo was only a kid when he was used to go to the family farm, a lovely spot of 4 acres with a stunning view of the east coast of Sicily. At the farm, Angelo was used to play with his grandma, aunties and cousins in the kitchen and he learnt to use the wood-fired oven.

Now Angelo tries to repeat in his food all the flavours and the aroma of the Mediterranean diet he discovered in his youth.

At Peppina you will find classic Sicilian recipes within new creative ideas, always with best and simple ingredients and sticking to the authentic Sicilian tradition.