How to make pizza at home

Pizza class in Poundbury

Learn how to make a stunning pizza with us. Without the help of any professional tool!

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The Factory
Peverell Avenue East
Poundbury – Dorchester, Dorset


Thursday, 1st February


4pm – 7pm


Pizza class in Poundbury

how to make amazing pizza at home

When we talk about pizza everyone thinks of the traditional round, flat base of leavened wheat-based dough topped usually with tomatoes and cheese.

What if we actually say there are so many styles of pizza in Italy that is quite difficult to count all of them?

Just to quote some of them, there are:

  • Pizza Napoletana (the traditional rounded one)
  • Calzone (the folded pizza)
  • Pizza in teglia (pizza on a baking tray)

During the 3 hours of lesson, we are going to a have a taste of the 3 most popular and how to make easily at home without using any professional tool.

You will learn how to:

  • Dough. A simple recipe to make at home but with an amazing taste. How to mix the dough and the right proofing process for having the best result
  • Handle the dough
  • Hand stretching dough
  • Bake the round-shaped pizza without the stone and have the same final product
  • Pizza in teglia. The most popular pizza in every house in Italy, made on a baking tray.

During the lesson, we will taste our creations, and (if we have any leftovers) you can bring them home with you.
Beverage included

If you have any questions about this class, please contact us.

What do I have to bring with me?

Nothing. We will provide you with recipes, tools, and an apron so you don’t get messy.
Just be on time and have fun with us!

Where are lessons held?

The Factory
Peverell Avenue East
Poundbury – Dorchester, Dorset

How can I book?

  • You can just buy the lesson clicking ‘Add to basket’ and continuing to the checkout.
  • Email to info@peppina.uk or call us to 07546 902034 and we will be happy to help you